How To Block 800 Numbers

Getting unwanted calls from 800 numbers can be more than annoying. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t receive any calls from people we didn’t know directly. While it’s kind of impossible to block 100% of unwanted calls, there are some steps you can take to preemptively block calls that come from unknown senders.

There is a phone number that you can call which guides you through a process of blocking random and unwanted callers. The number you must dial is 1-888-382-1222. I know it’s weird that the number to block 800 numbers is an 888 number itself, but this is a real phone number of the Do Not Call Registry.

Once you call this number, the recorded operator will ask you to press a number for English (1) or Spanish (2). Given this post is written in English, you will probably press 1 here.

The steps from here are very simple. You’ll follow the next step by pressing 1 again, and then entering your phone number. This will add you to the “do not call” national list, and hopefully block most 800 numbers that will try to call you to sell you something unwanted.

Last Updated: January 28, 2017